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Our mission is to continue the ministry of Jesus with the message of Jesus in the manner of Jesus

What do Christians believe?

1. The world had a Creator, whom we call God. 


The first part of the Bible tells us that God created the universe out of nothing. Science tells us that's true. We believe that God is the 'first cause' of everything that was made, 'and He saw that it was good'. It's beyond coincidence to think that this amazing world could be designed for such a wonderful life without the invention and intervention of an intelligent being. 

2. God is love, and continues to care about His creation

Logic tells us that when we make anything, we have a sense of ownership and care for it. We believe that over the billions of years 

does it mean for Christians to

    continue the ministry of Jesus

           with the message of Jesus

               in the manner of Jesus?

Simply this. We believe that Jesus, the historical human being, is also God; that He came from heaven because of His love for the world, to show us the existence of heaven, and to invite us into relationship with Him.


He came despite inevitable opposition which would result in His death. By His death he showed the extent of His love for us all; and by rising from the dead He declared His power over death; and by ascending to heaven He has shown us that it is possible for us to go there too.


That was His ministry and his message. We who follow Him

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